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Study Committees

IBB Studies Group

The way we watch television is changing. Besides TV sets tuned to the programs provided by broadcasters, people are also consuming internet-based content (OTTs).
Today, this experience is only possible by using broadcast and broadband technologies separately, but international working groups and forums are discussing how to unify the two technologies.
To accompany this discussion, SET has relaunched the Study Group on Integrated Broadcast Broadband Systems (IBB).


  • To accompany and discuss the international progress made and the opportunities in the field of IBB;
  • To accompany, update and adjust the technical standards for IBB in Brazil;
  • To encourage publication and the practical application of IBB within the Brazilian television industry;
  • To promote the involvement of the IBB Study Group and television professionals in Fórum do Sistema Brasileiro de TV Digital Terrestre (Fórum SBTVD) (the Brazilian Terrestrial Digital TV System Forum);

Coordinator’s Office:

Manager: David Britto, Interactivity Director of SET
Coordination:  Daniell Domingos, member of SET and broadcast professional
Hernan Perrone, member of SET and projects manager at TOTVS

General Information

When does the group meet?

Live meetings are held at SET central offices in São Paulo (SP) and occasionally via teleconference.

Who can participate?

SET associates, students and professionals in the field of production, operations and transmission.

What does it cost to participate?

Nothing. Participation is free of charge.

I want to join, what do I have to do?

To participate, just send a message to [email protected], with your name, telephone number, e-mail, company and position.

I have questions or doubts, who should I turn to?

All information about the IBB Studies Group can be forwarded to [email protected]