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The SET EXPO Technology Conference, as well as the related concurrent events, seek to discuss the future of the Broadcast, Telecommunications, Audiovisual and New Media industry, as well as their inherent relationships with a range of issues: computing, infrastructure, communication, production and regulatory affairs. This magazine, called SET EXPO PROCEEDINGS, also known by its acronym SETEP, is a compilation of the entire conference agenda, that is, a description of the entire contents of all sessions at what is largest encounter of its kind in this region of the globe. Thus, as the entity staging this event, SET (the Brazilian Society of Television Engineering) believes that information sharing can but work to the benefit of rich and innovative discussions so that we can continue to build an active community and a strong sector, in addition to achieving the desire, with which we have always been imbued, to push the envelope. The board, president, members, associates, staff, directors, partners, organizations and supporters, whether from the public or private sector and/or government, Brazilian and/or international, wish to thank all those who have always been instrumental in helping us to fulfill our passion for the development of this area.

We would also like to reiterate the information that this publication has been properly registered with the ISSN in printed and electronic formats, and that each session was recorded and allocated a persistent link. That is, all sessions are reproduced as published articles and receive a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) from CrossRef, a record in the form of a persistent link on the web that allows them to be indexed by the key indicators of impacts and quotes (such as: Scopus, Web of Science, JCR, SciELO, etc.). It is worth pointing out that this magazine is available in three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Publishing Schedule and Schema:

Online version – Once an article is accepted and its final version approved by the Editorial Board it will be immediately published online on an article-at-a-time basis.
Printed version
– Yearly, after each SET EXPO

Open Access Policy:

If the manuscript is accepted to be published, the article will be made free to read and reuse under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license.

Editorial Office:

If you have any need for additional information please contact SETadministrative staff, SET – Brazilian Society of Television Engineering administrative staff: Address: Av. Auro Soares de Moura Andrade, 252, cj 31 e 32 – CEP(zip code): 01156-001 – São Paulo – SP – Brazil. Email: [email protected]


Fill in all the data submission form:

  • Personal data, Photo, Title and Abstract of the Lecture.

Article Submission

Article Submission:

Aims and Scope are as follows, but are not limited to:

  • Audiovisual Contribution and Infrastructure
  • Innovation and Disruptive Technologies
  • Hot Session: High Relevance Themes for Broadcast and New Media Sector
  • Content Production
  • Regulatory Issues and Standards
  • Technology and Business
  • Audiovisual Delivery and Consumer Electronics

SET Board  2019 – 2020


Editorial Board

Editor: Luana Bravo

Contact SETEP Support

If you have any need for additional information, doubts, concerns and/or system issues please feel free to contact the Editorial Office via email.
Email Address:[email protected]


SET – Brazilian Society of Television Engineering, or, in portuguese, SET – Sociedade Brasileira de Engenharia de Televisão.
Address: Av. Auro Soares de Moura Andrade, 252, cjs 31 e 32 – CEP(zip code): 01156-001 – São Paulo – SP – Brazil.

We would like to say that the Brazilian Society of Television Engineering – SET activities, events and publications, including this one, count with the international support, by formal agreements, of the following international organizations. We also take this opportunity like to thank them and say we are proud to have their support for our work.