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SETyourVoice survey results are very positive for SET

SET, in an effort to understand the market’s perception about its activities, has undertaken a ground-breaking marketing action consisting of a survey.

The survey, entitled SETyourVoice, debuted during SET EXPO 2016 and involved an extensive two-part on-line questionnaire. Participants had until October 16 to respond.

The results were presented at meetings held at the SET offices during November. The overall perception is very positive, but there is room for improvement, primarily where fostering associate loyalty is concerned.

“We know we have to improve, but the overall results exceeded our expectations and showed that we are on the right path”, in the opinion of Fernando Bittencourt, president of SET.

Below are some of the figures:





73% non-associates

20% associates

7 % former associates



50% São Paulo

15% Rio de Janeiro

8% Paraná

6% Minas Gerais

4% Federal District

(all Brazilian states were represented in the total)


Area of interest

30% distribution and delivery

23% acquisition and production

11% content market

11% management and systems

5% sectorial resources

5% post-production

4% radio

4% exhibition


49% employees

19% businessmen

17% self-employed and consultants

10% researchers, professors or students



Overall satisfaction rating

Respondents were asked to evaluate the initiatives of SET regarding frequency, value perception, relevance, innovation, format, content, networking and service.  The overall satisfaction rating of SET and its products exceeded 80%, with most people stating that they were very satisfied. The evaluation scores were:

  • SET EXPO Trade Show: 84,5%
  • SET EXPO Conference: 85%
  • SET Regional Seminars: 80%
  • SET Magazine: 85,25%
  • SET BREAKFAST @ NAB Show: 85%
  • SET News (newsletters): 84,25%
  • SET Working Groups: 84,5%


Value Perception

  • 85% agree that, thanks to its initiatives, SET adds innovative and differentiated value in a competitive manner.
  • 87% agree that by consolidating better products, services and technical and managerial practices, SET proves is qualitative excellence.
  • 71% agree that their investments in the SET initiatives contribute to their strategic management.
  • 88% trust SET as the most significant and well-known entity in its sector in Latin America.


Lastly, among the new services suggested, worthy of note are the requests for courses in different modalities and fields of knowledge, as well as initiatives in research and development, regulation and consultancy.

In the case of new associates, there were suggestions for collective agreements, academic and scientific agreements, events and development opportunities.

“The requests are very good and will be implemented as and when required, with planning and care”, said Olímpio José Franco, superintendent of SET.

In all, 822 responses were received. SET wishes to thank all those who participated for their valuable contribution.