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Manufacturers and television stations discuss impacts of setting up the IBB system

Photo: Raoni Casacio

Photo: Raoni Casacio

The SET IBB group met last Friday (28), in São Paulo, to discuss the impacts of setting up the IBB system within the Broadcast and broadband ecosystem of television channels.

To give a wider-reaching overview, representatives were invited from the two sectors interested: the consumer industries, including the manufacturers of codecs (represented by Gustavo Dutra, of Ateme), and product (television) manufacturers represented this time by Vicente de Angelis Junior, of LG

“It was a very productive meeting! We were able to find out, starting with the IBB ecosystem, that it is possible to obtain additional information about how and where we have to apply existing technologies. Also, where the new solutions have to be applied while the system is being implemented”, said Gustavo Dutra in his analysis.

Dutra brought to the meeting the view of Ateme about the trends in the OTT market that can be applied to an IBB system.  On the other, Vicente presented WEBOS, the operating system at LG that can run codecs and content sent via OTT.

Group coordinator, Daniel Domingos’ assessment is that “the meetings have played their role of fomenting the exchange of information while establishing new points of view, both for manufacturers, and television stations.”

“We have sought to present, from among the most recent technologies, what manufacturers and television stations can do to adapt during implementation of an IBB system, ” Domingos explains.