Call for Speakers 

2017 SET EXPO Conferences

SET, with the intention of promoting the disclosure of scientific knowledge in the fields of broadcasting and communication technologies, is pleased to inform that the call for talk proposals for the 2017 SET EXPO Conferences is now open. The Conferences will be held in São Paulo on August 21-24, 2017, at the Expo Center Norte Convention Center.

Deadline for submissions

June 30, 2017
The deadline has been extended to July 31, 2017. CLOSED!
Confirmed Speaker:
Continue filling in your information as agreed with your panel moderator. If in doubt, contact SET.

Topics for this call

  • New Platforms and Infrastructure;
  • Content Production;
  • Regulatory and Normative;
  • Management and Workflow;
  • Technology for TV and Radio (Traditional Broadcast);
  • Innovation and Disruptive Technologies;
  • Technology and Business in MET (Media, Entertainment and Technology).

Who can participate

  • Professionals
  • Researchers
  • Students and Professors of engineering and technologies of the related areas

Requirements for Submission

Before submitting your presentation, please have at hand:

  • Title (Up to 14 words or 80 characters with space)
  • Summary of your lecture (Up to 80 words or 500 characters with space)
  • A short version of your CV (Up to  62 words or 400 characters with space)
  • Submit your summary and CV in Portuguese, English and Spanish
  • Your photo (size 500 x 500px)
  • Your access information on the SET website ( if you do not have it, please click here to register)


Submit / Edit your lectures

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Guidelines for the author

Example title (Up to 14 words or 80 characters with space):

How to draft a good summary of your talk? Read these simple and practical tips

Example Summary (Up to 80 words or 500 characters with space):

To capture your readers’ attention and, subsequently, that of those interested in hearing your talk, your text must be concise and objective. Focus on the key issue, its importance, the state of the art, the advantages and possible disadvantages. Be clear and abide by the normative standards of the Portuguese, English and Spanish language. Before publishing it, review it. SET may make corrections, without prior consultation, so as to ensure the quality and preciseness of the information. Submit your resume in  Portuguese, English  and Spanish.

Example CV (Up to  62 words or 400 characters with space):

A good resume or CV must be concise. Start with your profession and the most important position: engineer, sales executive for the ACME Company. Complete it with, at most, two other occupations: president of Association of Engineering and New Technologies (AENT) and professor at the State University of New Tecnologies (SUNT). Put the acronyms in parentheses after the names in full.


SET does not cover travel expenses. Speakers are responsible for their own expenses, to include hotel, meals, travel and ground transportation.

Results: the list of presentations accepted in this call will published on this site once registration has ended. All those who have registered will be notified by e-mail about the result of their participation.

Doubts: [email protected].