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Located in High Tech Park in Shenzhen China, Shenzhen NewGlee Technology Co., Ltd is one of the leading professional digital media solution designer, with hundred engineer specializing for R&D, testing and global technical support.
Our products range from professional head-end Internet TV system, DVB products, GPS products and so on. We have developed abroad markets to Europe, Middle East, Africa, North American, South American, Asia, as well as home markets in China. With more than 60 engineers for technical R&D, testing and support, Newglee has become a professional team with cohesive force and strong technical innovation ability. With more than ten years’ experience on DTV and multimedia products, we focus on continually providing quality product and best service to global customers. What we provide is what you need!

DVB-S/S2, IPTV System, DVB-C, Android OTT + DVB-S/S2 HD Receiver, Solar power system, PVP pv pump and SSL solar street lamp.

Contato: Jeff Liang | [email protected]Tel. +86 755 21679300 | Fax +86 755 21679123 | http://www.newglee.com/