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Working Group

Switch-Off Working Group

The purpose of the Switch-off Working Group is to submit and assist in the feasibility of actions for sharing knowledge about the analog TV switch-off process to SET-associated television engineering professionals throughout Brazil, so that they can support the process of transition to digital TV.

Work schedule

The group’s agenda of activities will mirror the switch-off schedule defined by the Brazilian government. Initially, the group will work on action planning and on defining the priorities for 2017 and 2018.


  • Consolidating the information about the subject, making it available on the SET portal, as well as via links that point to other useful sites and portals, to television engineering professionals nationwide;
  • Proposing structured models for reports about the decisions of the GIRED and the Technical Groups;
  • Fostering partnerships between SET and regional and local associations, while proposing joint actions for sharing information about the disconnection of analog TV.


Rafael Leal, strategy and regulatory affairs specialist in the technology department at TV Globo and a member of the Reorganization Technical Group (GT-Rm) of the GIRED .

General Information

When does the group meet?

Meetings will be on a monthly basis via audioconferencing.

Who can participate?

The Group consists of specialists directly involved in the switch-off process. The material used in the meetings will be available to all SET associates.

What does it cost to participate?

Nothing. Participation is free of charge.

I have questions or doubts, who should I turn to?

All information about the Switch-Off Working Group can be forwarded to the e-mail [email protected].