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Study Committees


IP Studies Group






  • To deepen and disseminate current knowledge on this subject, based on studying the new developments, standards and alliances being applied to transmit signals in real time using IP technology;
  • To give a comparative breakdown of the primary characteristics and advantages of the standards applied when transmitting audio, video, timing and others;
  • To breakdown the interoperability levels of the standards, as well as the major companies and products supporting or adopting the standard;
  • To give a detailed breakdown of the compression standards being adopted, as well as their features, primarily in medias where signal compression applies;
  • To prospect for the techniques applied in the evaluations and for controlling the quality of the IP signals;
  • To produce a final technical report for publication on the SET site, for associates and anyone else interested in the subject matter.


José Antônio Garcia, member of the SET Technology Committee and Engineering Manager of EBC.

General Information

When does the group meet?

Live meetings are held at the SET central offices in São Paulo (SP), every two or three weeks.

I have questions or doubts, who should I turn to?

All information about the IP Studies Group can be forwarded to [email protected]

What does it cost to participate?

Nothing. Participation is free of charge.

Who can participate?

SET associates, TV broadcasting professionals, producers, manufacturers and agents working with production infrastructure.

I want to join, what do I have to do?

Click the link below to sign up.