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SET launches 2016 edition of the Startup incentive program

Challenge Participants listen to the rules and tips for participating at SET EXPO. Photo: Raoni Casácio

Challenge Participants listen to the rules and tips for participating at SET EXPO. Photo: Raoni Casácio

Last Tuesday (09) SET officially launched the 2016 edition 2016 of the SIZ (SET Innovation Zone) program for promoting startups, whose main objective is to enable startups that are ready for the market to get closer to their target audience (producers, radio stations, TV, cinema and new media).

One of initiatives of the program is the Setup Challenge, in which, after undergoing a rigorous selection process, ten companies are chosen each year to participate with a stand at the SET EXPO trade show. The challenge is in its 4th edition this year.

“The SETup Challenge has grasped that, for entrepreneurs, the greatest value lies not in the investor’s money, but rather that of the customer. The success of the Challenge lies in this dialog with the decision-makers of major companies”, Rafael Ribeiro, Executive Director of the Brazilian Association of Startups (ABStartups) explained.

Businessmen and press guests were among those present. Also present were representatives of seven of the ten startups chosen for the 4th SETup Challenge.

The president of SET, Olímpio Franco, gave a presentation about SET EXPO, while Lindália Junqueira, a full member of the Consultative Council of the Funding Authority for Studies and Projects (Finep) provided some precious tips:

“The secret is not in pursuing success, but in pursuing a real problem. Take advantage of the SET EXPO to network with major companies. This is just the beginning of the voyage of discovering that nobody innovates on their own”, was Lindália’s advice.

“There has been quite a rise in expectations! Knowing that we are going to present ourselves to 15,000 potential clients in our market, and this can lead to lots of opportunities, is unbelievable. We’ll never have another opportunity like this one”, enthuses Rayanny Nunes, representative of Klipbox, one of the finalists in the 4th SETup Challenge, and which has also been selected for the Google Startups program.

The event was brought to a close with a Demo Day, where the entrepreneurs made a 3-minute pitch about their innovations.

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