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The 2017 SET EXPO: the evolution of 4k and 8k in creating multiplatform content

The evolution of 4k and 8k in creating multiplatform content will de discusses in a panel at the 29th SET EXPO Technology Conference to be held in August, in São Paulo.

The panel will look at the innovations and disruptive technologies that indicate transformations in the television semiosphere, including audiovisual productions on multiple platforms, multiple screens, multiple windows, multiple products and multiple services.

“In addition to the technological approach to standardizations and systems, ‘Production Cases’ will also be presented, with their state of the art, workflows and aspects of the technical and esthetic discussion and the reality of the Brazilian exhibition market”, explains panel moderator, Almir Almas, Full Professor at the University of São Paulo and Deputy Director for Cinema at SET.

The panel guests will be José Francisco da Silva Neto (DOT Cine), with the talk “Workflow – technologia, realização e finalização” (Workflow – technology, production and finalization), which will deal with the preparation for production, post-production and exhibition; Paulo Barcellos (O2Filmes), who will present a case study of O2 Films, where the objective is to deal with aspects of production and the technical/esthetic discussion about the use of Ultra High Definition technology, as well as which paths to take and the state of the art, commencing with the illustration of cases of the producer O2Films.

And last but not least, Claudio Peralta (Conspiração Filmes) who will present a production case study of Conspiração Filmes (aspects of workflows, visual effects, and advertising, cinema, institutional and television content), and speaker Luiz Gonzaga de Luca (Cinépolis), with the subject matter “State of the art of the exhibition market and the technological future of movie theaters”, which will deal with the reality of the Brazilian exhibition market in movie theater technologies.

The panel “4K e 8K: estado de arte casos de produção e mercado de exibição” (4K and 8K: state of the art production cases and the exhibition market” will be on Tuesday, August 22, from 11:30 am until 1:00 pm.

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