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Participation at the Caper Show strengthens SET’s international presence

caper-2016SET has returned from the Caper Show 2016, having made the most of its participation at the event, both in terms of the conference and the products and services trade show.

According to o SET Superintendent, Olímpio Franco, who gave a talk about the process of switching off Analog TV in Brazil, the audience were falling over themselves to ask questions and it was possible to provide details about the initiative, which has not yet been adopted in Argentina.

“SET came in for a lot of praise for its role in Brazil and for having become a global reference in broadcast and new media. We are now looking at several proposals for increasing our presence in other markets.” He said.

“We were at Caper last year and again this year. The event has clearly grown in size and quality”, he added.

SET also took information about SET EXPO and encouraged exhibitors to be present at next year’s event. “Our commercial representative, Paulo Galante, took advantage to clarify exhibitors’ doubts about the trade show and brought back important information for us to organize the layout in 2017. All for the purpose of making better use of the spaces and boosting business opportunities”, says Olímpio in conclusion.

The Caper Show was held in two pavilions of the Centro Costa Salguero, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with Brazilian, Argentine and international brands present.

The partnership

At this year’s SET EXPO, Caper representatives took part in a panel at the 28th Technology Conference, where they gave the Brazilian audience an overview of the broadcast and audiovisual industry in Argentina. For the first time, CAPER also had a stand at the Brazilian trade show.