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Book discusses the challenges of Free-to-Air TV

livrogurgel “Free-to-air television needs to reinvent itself to survive. And people are still not overly concerned about this”. The warning by engineer and TV consultant with over 40 years in the market, Luiz Gurgel, is just one of the various issues he highlights in his new book “Para onde vai a televisão brasileira?”, (in free translation, “Where to now for Brazilian television?”) which was pre-launched at SET EXPO 2016.

Among other premises that led to the creation of the book, the author draws attention to the current scenario of Brazilian television, which is experiencing a crisis within the industry, and whose main rivals are the Internet and subscriber (pay) TV.

“The internet has already affected radio, newspapers and the cinema, some of whom have managed to reinvent themselves. Cinemas, for example, now offer smaller rooms with multiple movies being screened simultaneously, but newspapers haven’t managed to do so. And in the case of television, I notice that people are not at all concerned, and this is a huge risk. Let us not forget that with the advent of subscriber TV, things are far from comfortable for free-to-air TV”, he explains in an exclusive interview with SET during SET EXPO.

In the book, Gurgel traces three scenarios for the future of television and five challenges that need to be faced by free-to-air TV broadcasters. “One of these involves making an effort to win back young people, who nowadays don’t watch television, rather they download what they want to see or look to on-demand TV for content”, the author explains in the interview.

You can watch the full interview here.

The book is now on sale and can be purchased at this link.