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The future of the audiovisual and media market under the spotlight at SET EXPO

The future of the media and audiovisual market will be discussed during one of the most important panels of SET EXPO 2017, the Hot Session about consumer habits and the future of the media.

This session will be chaired by the president of the Brazilian Digital TV Forum, member of the Council on Social Communication and Network and Regulatory Affairs Director at SBT, Roberto Franco.

Themes that are extremely important and relevant for the sector will be under the spotlight, including how consumer habits are being transformed? Which emerging technologies and medias will prevail? Will OTT services replace or supplement traditional ones? What are the results in terms of penetration and audience? Is profitability still the exclusive realm of the traditional models?

Participating in the Hot Session will be Alberto Menoni (Head of Broadcast, Media, Entertainment and Telecommunications of Google in Brazil), David Mowrey (VP of Strategic Planning and Business Development at IBM Cloud Video) and Skip Pizzi (VP of Technology Education and Outreach of NAB).

“Consumer habits and the future of media” will take place on Wednesday (23), at 9:00 am.

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