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Check out the profile of SET EXPO attendees

We are six months away from SET EXPO 2017 and those companies that have not yet booked for the Products and Services Trade Show Pavilion have good reasons for doing so.

Data compiled about last year’s event show that the lion’s share of the attendees at the Trade Show consists of C-level professionals (CEO, CIO, CFO, COO), that is, businessmen who make decisions in the broadcast supply chain, from the production of equipment to multi-platform transmission.

Among the areas of public interest, production takes center stage with (39.7%), followed by transmission (26.1%) and the acquisition sector (19.5%). Demographics also showed that there were attendees from every Brazilian state, with no exceptions, and confirmed the role that SET plays on the international stage, with 38 countries present – the United States, Argentina and Chile sent the most participants.

The full data about the profile of SET EXPO attendees is the result of a questionnaire that participants responded to at the time they registered for the Trade Show. You can access the detailed document by clicking here.


Call for papers and call for speakers

An additional opportunity to take part in SET EXPO is to be a speaker at the Technology Conference or by submitting your scientific paper and having the chance to see it published in the International Journal of Broadcast Engineering, which is officially launched during the event.

Click here to find out more about the Call for Speakers and the Call for Papers.

SET EXPO 2017 is six months away from opening. Access the event site for more information and follow the news.