SET EXPO 2017 mirrors the optimism in the audiovisual market and should generate US$ 40 million in business

Encourage discussions and offer solutions to drive the changes in the industry in Brazil on the road to digital convergence. With this mission, SET EXPO 2017 hosted, between August 21 and 24,  15,000 qualified attendees from a diverse range of segments in the audiovisual content production and distribution chain, from independent producers, to major radio and television networks, from YouTubers, to major Internet companies, from small service providers, to major telecom operators. Attendees were introduced to equipment, technologies and services showcased by more than 400 exhibitor brands. Exhibitors expect the event to have generated over US$ 40 million in business.

In the opinion of SET President, Liliana Nakonechnyj: “We have had a diversified trade show whose products dovetailed with everything that was presented at our Technology Conference.”. “Going further, we have noticed a lot of optimism among exhibitors and attendees, for whom the event is an opportunity to rub shoulders and to give some thought to how to invest in the future. For SET, the outcome is a very positive one. Each year, we strive to put on a better conference and trade show on key issues with an across-the-board appeal. We have achieved this objective over the years because we have always sought to innovate, without resting on our laurels.”

For the entity’s vice president, Cláudio Younis, the tone of this edition was the consolidation of convergence. “We have seen an increase in the presence of telecom companies, pay TV operators, major and independent producers in the advertising market and even YouTubers. Furthermore, we have been honored by senior executives of leading technology companies such as Google, Twitter, Samsung and Ericsson. The overall feeling is one of optimism, with an expectation that the market will return to growth and a prospect of growth in business, detected from the survey we carried out among the exhibitors”.

Among the booths deployed at the trade show, leading companies in the sector confirm the opinion of the organizers. “The quality of the public is excellent, and this is the result of the efforts on the part of SET”, says Ryan Kamata, Professional Imaging Solutions Manager at Canon. According to him, unlike last year, there are more people with specific purposes, who are not just looking at new ideas, rather they are looking for products. “The video market is diversifying and it is very important to be aware of all the options, since a lot of things are happening. It’s not just HD, 3D, as they are a reality, but 4K, HDR, IP, all the new workflows, lenses, formats. It’s all here”, says Kamata, concluding.

Shure, which has just opened its own offices in in Brazil, has come to SET EXPO for the first time, with its own brand, and the results observed have been very positive. “Our public consists of engineers, sound technicians and operators, among other professionals. The demand exists for changing technology complexes, and the turnover at the event was greater than we had imagined “, said Priscila Berquó, the company’s sales manager. This is also the opinion of Fujifilm, an exhibitor at every edition of SET EXPO, according to business consultant, Marcel Gallo. “We discovered a qualified public. There was a lot of conversation about projects, and being here has contributed to future leads with clients”.

The Technology Conference, in turn, brought together 1400 delegates over the four days of panels, with specialists from companies like TV Globo, O2 Filmes, Dolby Laboratories, SBT, Record, Ericsson, Samsung, and over 40 entities such as SEBRAE – The Brazilian Small and Medium-Size Enterprise Support Service; ABRATEL – the Brazilian Radio and Television Association; ABERT – the Brazilian Association of Radio and Television Stations; and AESP – the Association of Radio and Television Stations in the State of São Paulo, among others. The event also received the visit of the Deputy Minister for Communications of Japan, Masahiko Tominaga, and representatives from the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

“This year, we built the event around eight key themes, such as Technologies for TV and Radio, Content Production, Innovation and Disruptive Technologies, New Platforms and Structures, among others. It’s been a long time since we received such a vast audience, and this is the key indicator that we are on the right path. We have also advanced in workshops, demonstrations and technical master classes ” said Olímpio José Franco, superintendent of SET.