Do you know how artificial intelligence impacts the audiovisual market?

What used to seem like something from a distant future is today’s reality. Nowadays, technological devices and mechanisms already simulate human reasoning. And they go even further, expanding by a wide margin the capability to create analyses and understandings of issues inherent to humans. This is called artificial intelligence (AI), which has triggered a huge transformation in the industry, including the audiovisual part. One can now check out incredible applications in content production, where algorithms handle texts, pictures, audio and video.

To debate this issue, the 31st Technology, Media and Entertainment Business Conference, the largest technology, media and entertainment business event in Latin America has invited one of the leading lights in research in the areas of signal processing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, computation, electronics and IoT (the Internet of Things), engineer Daniel Monteiro, R&D Manager of TV Globo. He will be the moderator on the panel “Artificial Intelligence for audiovisual production”, which takes place from 9:20 to 10:40 am on August 28.

“The panel will outline a panorama of the technologies already available, those that are still in the embryonic stage as well as case studies where AI is already being used. The broadcast industry has always been very innovative, and this issue is a shot in the arm for all those involved in audiovisual production”, the executive asserts.

Monteiro argues that the panel is an opportunity to debate the impacts of this technology which, besides being fascinating, is very innovative and is transforming the market. “Like any innovation, technology breaks paradigms and also creates many opportunities for new businesses. It is a good opportunity to go deep into the issue and to become familiar with what is actually taking place. The panel also provides an open setting for a debate which will be enrich everyone”, he asserts.

The 31st SET Technology, Media and Entertainment Business Conference expects to host 2,000 attendees  who will watch 50 panels and 200 talks over the four days of the event.

The program schedule includes topics on radio and audio; AV contribution and infrastructure; innovation and disruptive technologies; content production; audiovisual distribution and regulatory and standardization issues.


Divided into a Conference and a Trade Show, SET EXPO is the largest technology and media and entertainment business event in Latin America and one of the world’s largest. This year, for the conference alone 2000 attendees are expected, with an additional 5,000 at the Trade Show, from 38 countries, invading the Red Pavilion and the Expo Center Norte Convention Center to check out the novelties of 150 exhibitor companies representing over 400 Brazilian and international brands. The event takes place from August 26 thru 29.


Conference passes are on sale and there is a progressive discount depending on the number of days purchased. Entrance to the Trade Show is free.



Date: Conference: August 26 thru 29 | Trade Show: August 27 thru 29

Time: Conference: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm | Trade Show: 12 noon until 8:00 pm
Venue: Expo Center Norte – Red Pavilion and Convention Center.

Address: Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333 – Vila Guilherme District – São Paulo – SP

Information and registration: