Revolution in image storage will be a panel topic at the SET EXPO Conference

During the last century, image files were usually kept in material form (such as in reels, videocassette tapes, CDs and DVDs). Currently, images have become immaterial assets (they are saved on computers or “in the cloud”). Technology has made the production and filing of these digital assets easy, while at the same time creating new challenges, such as how to manage these collections.

This discussion will be the subject of one of the panels at the 2018 SET EXPO Conference, the largest professional training and recycling conference in Latin America, which will run from August 27 thru 30 at the Expo Center Norte Convention Center, and is organized by the SET – Brazilian Association of Television Engineering, which this year is celebrating its 30th birthday.

The debate will take place in the panel on MAM – Os Desafios da Gestão de Acervos Frente à Imaterialidade da Imagem”,(MAM – The Challenges of Managing Collections given the Immateriality of Images”) to be chaired by Teder Muniz Morás, consultant in Digital Media at SBT Canal 4 SP.

MAM is the acronym for Media Asset Management (in Portuguese, Gestão de Ativos de Mídia). The panel will discuss issues like the compatibility between the different types of hardware and software comprising technical and operational environment; definitions about the best solution in response to a given business model, and professional qualification, among others.

During the talks, Erick Soares, a technology expert at Sony Brasil, will give his take on the challenges of the assets and their preservation. He will talk about the choice or definition of technology for preservation and collection, given the existing options, focusing on optical technology for archiving.

In the talk “Conteúdo Líquido” (“Liquid Content”), Giuliano Chiaradia, head of Digital Content at SBT, will discuss how the new narratives involving the many technological novelties that surround us arise, showing how the future of integrated communication is presented in an interactive, collaborative, non-linear narrative with no limits between the real and the virtual.

Juliana Ferrari, Media manager at SBT, will bring the discussions to a close with her talk on “Media Center, MAM, Digital Assets, Efficacy and Efficiency in Customer Service”, with an overview of the subject, showing that analog times have gone for good, and that the digital landscape hold immense possibilities.