31st Congress of Technology and Business of Media and Entertainment


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Category SET Member  1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days
Member R$ 472,50 R$ 945,00 R$ 1.417,50 R$ 1.417,50
Non-Members R$ 745,50 R$ 1.491,00 R$ 2.236,50 R$ 2.982,00
Exhibitor Corporate Member R$ 350,00 R$ 700,00 R$ 1.050,00 R$ 1.400,00
Non-Members R$ 619,50 R$ 1.239,00 R$ 1.858,50 R$ 2.478,00
Corporate Member R$ 556,50 R$ 1.113,00 R$ 1.669,50 R$ 1.669,50
Non-Members R$ 745,50 R$ 1.491,00 R$ 2.236,50 R$ 2.982,00


Member R$ 231,00 R$ 462,00 R$ 693,00 R$ 693,00
Non-Members R$ 367,50 R$ 735,00 R$ 1.102,50 R$ 1.470,00

(*) Students are those properly enrolled on courses recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC) in Brazil at high school level (including technical schools) and higher education level (graduate and post graduate courses).

SET Radio

Registration fee 80,00


  • SET Radio is part of the program schedule of the 31st Congress of Technology and Business for Media and Entertainment of 2019 SET EXPO.
  • SET Radio is a set of four panels that will take place in Room 16 on August 28th, 2019. Check here the programming of SET Radio: https://www.set.org.br/events/setexpo/set-expo-2019-set-radio/
  • Participants may purchase these four panels, and only these, on an individual basis. This credential does not entitle you to attend other lectures taking place in other rooms on August 28.
  • Participants who have acquired credentials for Wednesday’s programming, in general, can watch the panels of SET Radio at no extra cost.


SET Members (up to date with their fees) who purchase three days will get the fourth day free as shown in the table below

Join SET and pay your fees to automatically enjoy the discounts for the Congress.

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Groups of 50 or more get promotional discounts, please contact Daniel Calleia – [email protected]