Call for Speakers 

2020 SET EXPO Conferences

SET, with the intention of promoting the disclosure of scientific knowledge in the fields of broadcast, media and communication technologies, is pleased to inform that the call for proposed talks for the SET EXPO Conferences 2020 is now open. The Conferences will be held in São Paulo on December 7-10, 2020, at the Expo Center Norte Convention Center.

Deadline for submissions

September 15th


The program of the 2020 SET EXPO Conferences is organized around the tracks below. To submit a suggestion for a talk, focus on the   topics mentioned. For greater clarity we are listing some of the topics related to each track.

The list is not exhaustive, however, and proposals on related topics can be submitted.

Audiovisual Contribution and Infrastructure

Technologies used in signal traffic and in the infrastructure for providing audiovisual services

  • Automation
  • Cloud Technologies – Applications and Services
  • Contribution Platforms – Fiber, Satellite, Microwave, 3G / 4G / 5G Networks, Integration, Optimization etc.
  • IP Infrastructure for Production / Integration / Distribution Centers
  • MAM / Digital Assets – Workflows
  • Remote Production
  • Security – Infrastructure (IoT Security, Physical Security, IP Network Security, Best Practices)

Innovation and Disruptive Technologies

New technologies under development, with applications for the broadcast / audiovisual sector and with disruptive potential

  • 5G Broadcast / 5G Services and Mobile Applications
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Audiovisual Startups
  • Big Data / Analytics
  • Blockchain – Technologies and Applications
  • Evolution of the Digital TV Standard in Brazil / SBTVD Forum / UHD Project – Brazil
  • Internet of Things
  • Next-Gen TV
  • Personalization
  • User-experience Design
  • Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality, 360° Video, Immersive Reality

Content Production

Technologies used for producing audiovisual content

  • Advanced Newsgathering / Sports
  • Audio Production
  • Cinema technologies
  • Games / e-Sports
  • Immersive Media – Technologies and Applications
  • Technologies for Creative Professionals
  • Ultra-HD, HDR

Regulatory Issues and Standards

Rules and regulations affecting the broadcasting / audiovisual industry

  • Accessibility Services (Audio Description, Brazilian Sign Language, Closed Caption)
  • Data Protection and Privacy
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Environmental Issues
  • Intellectual Property
  • Net Neutrality
  • Regulatory update
  • Spectrum Issues

Technology and Business

An analysis of the impacts of new technologies on the business 

  • Advanced Advertising / Targeted Advertising
  • Incentive laws
  • Monetization Strategies
  • Multiple screen display, personalization, viewer behavior
  • New Audiovisual Business Models
  • Outsourcing Services
  • Pay TV
  • Prosumer Technologies
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Viewership Metrics
  • VoD / OTT

Audiovisual Delivery and Consumer Electronics

Technologies used for distributing and presenting audiovisual content to the end-public

  • AI & Consumer electronics / Virtual Assistants
  • Connected cars
  • Connected TVs / Super Platforms
  • Displays Technologies
  • Mobile Reception
  • Pay TV Technologies
  • Satellite TV
  • Streaming Technologies and Services
  • Terrestrial Digital TV


Technologies used for Radio

  • Accessibility in Radio / Audio / Models
  • Advertising on Radio and Audience Metrics
  • AM/FM Migration
  • Audio Production / Immersive / Models / Ambience / Sports Broadcasters
  • Automation / Remote Control of Transmissions / Monitoring
  • Connected Cars
  • Displays – Command via RDS and other System Applications
  • Emergency Alerts on Radio; (CEMADEM – Alerts Center)
  • Evolutive, Topographic Data Base and Applied Precision
  • Integrated Social Media Platforms – Feasibility, Operation and Monetization
  • Interactive Voice Technologies
  • IP Structure / Audio Connections/ Matrixes/ Acoustics/ Sources of Capture and Generation
  • Monitoring of Urban Coverage Parameters and Scenarios
  • Podcasting
  • Prediction and Coverage Applications using Propagation Models
  • Spectrum, Expansion and Accommodation of Products / Digitalization Models in Different Radio Bands
  • The Future of Radio
  • Transmission and Reception Equipment

Target audience

  • Professionals
  • Researchers
  • Students and Professors of engineering  technologies, communication and areas related to those described above.

Requirements for Submission

Before submitting your presentation, please have to hand:

  • Title (Up to 15 words or 85 characters with space)
  • A summary of your talk (between 200 – 300 words. See below the “Instructions to Authors”)
  • PDF of the presentation, if you want to include images
  • A short version of your CV (Up to  80 words)
  • Your photo (size 500 x 500px)
  • Your access information on the SET website  ( Lost your password?)


Guidelines for the author

How to draft a good synopsis of your talk? Use these simple and practical tips:

  • Be concise and objective.
  • Focus on the key issue, its importance, the state of the art, innovative aspects, and the applications, taking into account business and users.
  • Use proper  English language register.
  • Commercial or promotional proposals will not be accepted.
  • Before submitting, carefully review all information. Once sent, the material cannot be edited by the proposer. SET, however, reserves the right to summarize and adapt the original text, without prior consultation, in order to publish the talk.


SET does not cover travel, accommodation or other expenses.  Attendees are responsible for their own expenses.

Doubts: [email protected].