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SET Expo 2016 to showcase the trends and technological innovations for the broadcast and new media markets

Around 200 exhibitors representing 400 domestic and international brands from 37 countries will be at SET Expo, the largest business and technology event for the broadcast and new media industry in Latin America, which is taking place in São Paulo, from August 29 until September 1, in the Red Pavilion of the Center Norte Exhibitions Center.
The trade show will be a tremendous opportunity for getting up to speed on the trends and innovations in the future of TV and radio, OTT´s and TV anywhere in the years to come.
Below is the first list of the novelties, with others to come in the days ahead.
Advantech Wireless – The company will present broadcast application in Ultra HD, designed to ensure reliable transmission via satellite, even in adverse and hostile weather conditions.
Alfred – will showcase the new version of the MAM-in-a-box server, which includes new hardware configurations, the use of the LTO-7 generation of data tapes, with 6TB of capacity in each cartridge, upgraded client/server software, including dynamic metadata, refined searches and transcoding control. And the preview of future launches: Alfred 2, a software suite with ingest, client/server and file modules; Alfred Play, video display and “channel-in-a-box” graphics, and the new Alfred Edit module.
Biquad Broadcast – will demonstrate the DAP Uno, an FM digital audio processor, Intelligent CGA, with 5 bands, intelligent clipper / digital one clipper compound signal stereo generator.
ChyronHego (Video Systems) – The world leader in graphics for live transmissions and real-time data viewing will demonstrate the Neon, an all-in-one solution for virtual scenarios that allow movements of virtual cameras, such as roll, pan, travelling and boom.
Dalet Digital Media Systems: software for video, multimedia and audio in the broadcast, governmental, corporate and educational segments.
Digilab – Integrated solution for management, control and distribution of media for TV channels, OTT platforms and out-of-home media, a web system that organizes and manages the production, distribution and display phases of audiovisual content, enabling the operation to be controlled.
EiTV Entertainment and Interactivity for Digital TV – will present the EiTV Inspector, a long-duration program recorder with content analyses.
Eutelsat – The EUTELSAT 65 West A satellite, a high-capacity tri-band satellite for multiple applications, located at 65° West, a privileged orbital position for C-band video services in Brazil and optimized for the local Ku-band DTH market.
Floripa Tecnologia – Will present the Signa – HD/SD Master Control Switcher, a master control desk that combines the functions of a multiviewer, while generating, logos, characters and other functionalities.
Hitachi Kokusai Linear – Solutions for video capture, studios and production; low-power and high-power signal and transmission transceivers. They will introduce to the market the E-Compact family of transmitters, with Doherty technology, that afford reductions of around 50% in electricity consumption.
JWSAT/TELENICK – The highlight will be the new TELENICK STR 1000 WB FM transmitter, with rack (89-mm tall) units distributed in 12,5 kg, and operating from a single source.
Lemo – Professional products and solutions for HDTV transmission, with cable assemblies, rack accessories, special SMPTE 311 3K.93C cables and connectors. They will also present two new media converters: The LEMO MEERKAT Triax that allows the use of SMPTE 311 fiber optics between triaxial cameras and CCUs/Mobile Units and the LEMO MULTISHACK, which permits the use of up to 6 cameras that can be individually fed from a remote source using a single hybrid cable.
Merlin Mega Store – Will present the Mobile Unit, a live recording and transmission car equipped for live transmission of small, medium and large-scale events. Initial configuration with a capacity for up to 04 cameras, Full HD recording, 12 hours of audio and video storage, character generator, 12-channels audio desk and video streaming with HD quality of 6MB per second.
Opic Telecom – Solutions in equipment, technical furniture and fittings and broadcast engineering services. The highlight is the ISDB Watch, a transmission audit and quality control tool for the Brazilian Digital TV standard. The system provides for uninterrupted recording of an ISDB-Tb channel, and contains an on-board professional-quality demodulator.
Playlist Software Solutions – Will demonstrate the Logger 2.0, a system for recording audio, transmitting streaming and complete auditing, with resources that function on mobile devices over the Internet. There is also the Audie system, a radio station audience management system, as well as the new resources of the Smart Manager (finance software).
PHASE – the company will join forces with Evertz to present the DreamCatcher, the industry’s IP-based replay system. With the ability to work on HD and 4K productions, the product is available in versions with 8 and 16 3G/HD-SDI channels that allow each channel to be configured as input or output at any time.
RFS ‐ Radio Frequency Systems – Will showcase its complete portfolio of irradiating systems for radio and television, including solutions for implementing transmission systems: RF engineering/projects, management (PMO), set-up, commissioning, measurements and field tests, as well as technical support.
SDC – Specific solutions for the different stages of video production and transmission, such as storage, post-production, rendering, ingest, playout and user experience assessment.
Savana Communications – the company serves the domestic market for Broadcast, Cinema and Theater, etc. It will demonstrate IP panels, interfaces, a wireless communication system, an 8-channel, 4-wire IP link, belt packs, headsets and accessories.
SNEWS – is bringing ANEWS, automation systems for radio and television news programs, which, among other things, enables news to be verified; monitors social networks and RSS channels; and stores contacts in a single agenda, among other functionalities.
Sonoton do Brasil – Brings to the event its portfolio of music copyrights for TV, radio and internet productions.
Sotec Soluções. The company is taking to the event no-breaks with advanced and exclusive technology and functions.
Storm Group. The company will provide real-time demonstrations of new streaming technologies using advanced real-time video transfer protocols for special events.
Tecsys do Brasil Industrial – Low-power ISDB-T transmission lines. The launch is the result of a partnership with Spanish company Tredess, a traditional company in the digital transmitter segment in Europe.
Teletronix – Presents a new range of highly-efficient, Digital TV transmitters that use Doherty technology. They promise high efficiency (over 30%), a compact design and flexible configurations for digital TV transmission, together with low energy consumption.
Ti.TV.br – Will showcase the SymplyShare, SAN via Thunderbolt for up to 8 users and 20 users via IP in a 10-Gb network, configuring and instantly sharing up to 128TB of collaborative storage.
Victor do Brasil – is taking an automation software, EVA Automation, for the Grass Valley K2 range of servers. In addition, they will present the Andromeda high-performance video server.
Vizrt – Offers the Viz Opus, a complete production/studio control solution. It provides an NRCS new automation system, real-time graphics and video reproduction, all in a single solution.
Voiceinteraction do Brasil – Highlights the Audimus Media, a closed caption system that receives the audio feeds directly from the PGM and produces real-time captions.
WiMobilis – This year they will demonstrate the WM-OneTV and the WM-OneTV-L that meet the requirements of Digital TV broadcasting, in a compact format (1 rack unit).

SET Expo Trade Show
Opening times:
August 30: 12 noon until 8:00 pm
August 31: 12 noon until 8:00 pm
September 1: 12 noon until 7:00 pm
Venue: Red Pavilion, Expo Center Norte, São Paulo/SP

28th SET EXPO Technology Conference
Opening times
August 29: 9:00 am until 6:00 pm
August 30: 11:30 am until 5:30 pm
August 31: 9:00 am until 5:30 pm
September 1: 9:00 am until 5:30 pm
Opening Ceremony: August 30, from 9:00 until 11:30 am
Venue: Expo Center Norte Convention Center – São Paulo

Further information and registration: www.setexpo.com.br

About the SET Expo – Recognized by the United States Department of Commerce as an excellent opportunity for business, and with Trade Fair Certification, SET Expo is the largest broadcast and new media business and technology event in Latin America. Consisting of the “SET EXPO Technology Conference”, now in its 28th edition, and the “SET Expo Technology Products Trade Show”, the purpose of the event is to present and discuss technical innovations, regulations and new products involving the audiovisual market, encompassing the entire production chain from production to delivery. Organized by SET, a not-for-profit association, and intended for professionals, researchers and students in the field of telecommunications, the audiovisual industry and broadcasting, it hosts 200 exhibitors representing 400 Brazilian and international brands from 37 countries, and 16,000 visitors. Visit www.setexpo.com.br

About SET – The Brazilian Society for Television Engineering (Sociedade Brasileira de Engenharia de Televisão, or SET) is a not-for-profit association consisting of businesses and professionals whose primary objective is to develop technical and scientific knowledge throughout the entire electronic means chain. It is active in the engineering and similar areas in the fields of television, telecommunications, radio, the internet and new media, from production to distribution. It represents the largest discussion forum on standards and trends for creating electronic content, management and the distribution market in Brazil. Furthermore, it is responsible for staging the annual event, SET EXPO (www.setexpo.com.br). SET has the support of around 20 domestic and 5 international institutions, including the NAB Show, IABM and InterBEE. For more information, visit www.set.org.br

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