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Novella SatComs specialises in the design and manufacture of RF subsystems for commercial and military satellite earth stations. Products include beacon tracking receivers, synthesised and block frequency converters, test loop translators, uplink power control systems and redundancy systems. Novella products are renowned for their excellent performance and unsurpassed high reliability. Bands covered are L, S, C, X, Ku, DBS and Ka, up to 30GHz. Synthesised frequency converters are available in a range of IF’s, 70MHz, 140MHz, 70 plus 140MHz, 30MHz, 300MHz, 720MHz, 750MHz and 1.2GHz.

Contato: Rahila Mannan – [email protected]@novella.co.uk  | Marck Birchall – [email protected] http://novella.co.uk/