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Zhuhai Gecen Electronic Co.,LTD, a leading company in manufacturing of SATV and CATV accessories. With 20 years experience, now we have more than 600 staff, including over 500 technical workers and about 130 office clerks. We take the perfect quality as the aim and give our customer the best! Our main products include the newest SATV and CATV accessory to make people enjoy a higher quality life.

With more than 19 years of development, we are professional on Satellite TV products like DiSEqC switch, Multiswitch, Satellite Finder, LNB, splitter, tap and Set-Top-Box, Cable TV products like amplifier, modulator, filter, optical receiver, optical transmitter, optical transceiver, HDMI products like switch, splitter, converter, matrix…

Contato : Overseas Sales Department – [email protected] | +86-756-3631088 | http://www.gecensat.com/ | www.gecen.cc | www.gecenhd.com