SET elects new Board of Directors for the biennium 2017-2018

Membros da nova diretoria da SET para o biênio 2017-2018

SET new Board of Directors (2017-2018)

At the end of Wednesday afternoon, (31), the board of directors and associates of SET gathered to deliberate on a series of issues of interest to the entity.

The meeting was chaired by founder and former president of SET, Adilson Pontes Malta, with the work coordinated by Roberto Franco, member of the Council of Former Presidents.

Adjustments were made to the articles of association; the main one reduced the president’s term of office from four to two years; but with the possibility of reelection, which hitherto did not exist, has been included.

Thereafter, those present elected the new board of directors, which will take office on January 1, 2017 with a mandate until December 31, 2018.

The changes to the articles of association will be published on the SET web site once all the legal registrations and procedures have been completed.

Olímpio José Franco will take over the position as General Superintendent of SET while José Munhoz remains on the Board.

The new board of directors is as follows:


Function Name
President Liliana Nakonechnyj
Vice President Claudio Eduardo Younis
Institutional Advisor Roberto Dias Lima Franco
Editorial Director José Raimundo Lima da Cunha
Deputy Editorial Director Francisco de Assis Campos Peres
Education Director Jose Frederico Rehme
Deputy Education Director Valderez de Almeida Donzelli Leite
Events Director Jose Carlos Aronchi
Deputy Events Director Alexandre Yoshida Sano
Marketing Director Daniela Helena Machado e Souza
Deputy Marketing Director Paulo Roberto Feres de Castro
Technology Director Carlos Fini
Deputy Technology Director Luiz Fausto de Souza Brito
Cinema Director Celso Eduardo Araujo Silva
Deputy Cinema Director Almir Almas
International Director Fernando Matoso Bittencourt Filho
Deputy International Director Ana Eliza Faria e Silva
Content Production Director José Dias Vasconcelos de Assis
Deputy Content Production Director Paulo Mitsuteru Kaduoka
Radio Director José Eduardo Marti Cappia
Deputy Radio Director Marco Tulio Nascimento
Interactivity Director David Estevam de Britto
Deputy Interactivity Director Marcelo Santos Souza
Subscriber TV and New Medias Director Roberto Pereira Primo
Deputy Director for Subscriber TV and New Medias Rodrigo Dias Arnault
Free-to-Air TV Director Raymundo Costa Pinto Barros
Deputy Free-to-Air TV Director Sergio Eduardo di Santoro Bruzeti
Industrial Director Luiz Bellarmino Polak Padilha
Deputy Industrial Director Yasutoshi Miyoshi
Director, Northern Region Nivelle Daou Junior
Deputy Director, Northern Region Ricardo Alberto Pereira Salles
Director, Northeastern Region Esdras Miranda de Araujo
Deputy Director, Northeastern Region Jaime Manuel C.F. Fernandes
Director, Southeastern Region Paulo Roberto Monfrim Canno
Deputy Director, Southeastern Region José Raimundo Cristóvam Nascimento
Director, Center-West Region Emerson José Weirich
Deputy Director, Center-West Region Paulo Ricardo Hermano Balduíno
Director, Southern Region Ivan Miranda
Deputy Director, Southern Region Caio Augusto Klein
Fiscal Council  Eduardo de Oliveira S. BicudoJoão Braz Borges

Cintia Leite do Nascimento

Ricardo Fonseca de Kauffmann

Fernando Antonio Fernandes Ferreira