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These instructions give you guidelines for preparing papers for IEEE Transactions and Journals. Use this document as a template if you are using Microsoft Word 6.0 or later. Otherwise, use this document as an instruction set. The electronic file of your paper will be formatted further at IEEE. Paper titles should be written in uppercase and lowercase letters, not all uppercase. Avoid writing long formulas with subscripts in the title; short formulas that identify the elements are fine (e.g., “Nd–Fe–B”). Do not write “(Invited)” in the title. Full names of authors are preferred in the author field, but are not required. Put a space between authors’ initials. Define all symbols used in the abstract. Do not cite references in the abstract. Do not delete the blank line immediately above the abstract; it sets the footnote at the bottom of this column.

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Autor: solange lorenzo
Email: solange@solangelorenzo.com.br
Cargo: webmaster
Instituição: Solange web
Telefones: 43 996756274 43 30261256
URL: http://www.solangelorenzo.com.br
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